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ALLConverter PRO 2.3

Transcodes video and audio files and allows basic editing
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ALLConverterPRO is intended for transcoding video and audio, and, as an extension, it can also extract audio from video. Just like many other media converters out there, this one is equipped with some basic editing functions as well. The tool has a compact interface that perfectly fits its purpose.

This converter supports importing multiple audio and video formats. Moreover, it can process a whole batch of files in a single session, so, it is good that you can import them one by one or as a folder. Likewise, the tool supports adding DVDs, which can be done directly from a disc reader or by importing a DVD folder or an ISO file. Yet, unlike some similar software available, ALLConverterPRO cannot download Internet clips, record footage from a webcam or capture video directly from the screen.

With regard to editing, the program supports such operations as adding a different audio stream, cropping the visible region of the frame and rotating the image. Likewise, it allows cutting a segment from each clip. Again, it is a pity that it does not let you extract more than one section, and the trimming procedure is unnecessarily complicated. One feature I really appreciate from this product is that it really allows configuring how subtitles are shown. In this respect, there is a feature called “intelligent subtitles”, which consists in automatically splitting long lines and adjusting their viewing time.

One thing I cannot deny is that ALLConverterPRO makes it easy to configure video output settings. For this purpose, there are multiple presets adjusted to the requirements of the target playback device. Luckily, you can have each file converted to a different format, if you want to. In addition, when you intend to merge various footage segments, it lets you do it without re-encoding, which makes the results available almost instantaneously, provided they all have the same format.

To sum up, ALLConverterPRO is certainly not the best tool of its type but it does have some interesting features that are worth exploring. Fortunately, the product can be downloaded and tried without any restrictions. My recommendation: there are so many media converters out there that it is always a good idea to try a few before making a decision.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports multiple formats
  • Processes files in batches
  • Supports basic media editing
  • Splits long subtitle lines automatically
  • Easy output profile setting
  • Individual conversion profiles
  • Merges files without re-encoding


  • Cannot trim more than one segment from each clip
  • Cannot download Internet clips
  • Cannot record from a camera
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